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a full-service logistics & freight management provider

LAST MILE LOGISTICS is a full-service, North American logistics and freight management provider. Our brokerage and third party logistics operations are connected across the US and Canada through one of the industry’s most diverse networks of approved network partner facilities. Each facility specializes in delivering the highest level of transportation and logistics solutions through the management of our experienced and focused operations and administrative teams.

LAST MILE LOGISTICS's portfolio of services includes all modes of asset and non-asset surface transportation. We focus on providing these services to a wide range of end use markets including food, lumber, paper, printing, textiles, electronics, machinery, health and beauty, mail, and industrial supplies.

We are relentless in our efforts to exceed our customers' tactical expectations while adding strategic value. Everyone in our organization is dedicated to service excellence and customer satisfaction. An attention to quality is the difference that our loyal family of customers has come to expect.


superior results through technology

One the greatest challenges today is sourcing capacity that fluctuates with demand in the marketplace. As an intermediary, we carefully consider the qualifications of the truck equipment operators we contract with to service our shipper clients' needs.

LAST MILE LOGISTICS logisticians rely on their experience and use of proprietary technology to manage and move every shipment. And because shipper clients require a practical risk management approach to doing business, LAST MILE LOGISTICS is one of few brokers that has Primary Truck Broker Liability Insurance ($2 Million policy).

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