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Finding a reliable retail distribution company who can deliver your products from Point A to Point B isn't always as simple as it sounds. From a retailer's standpoint, they experience frustration and disappointment when a retail distribution company doesn't live up to its promises. A distribution company gets frustrated when retailers and customers don't understand the complexities of managing logistics, especially when an error has occurred as a result of a customer or retailer.

Fortunately, there's a solution. Last Mile Logistics simplifies everything on the end of the retailer and the customer, and at the same time, manages the nitty-gritty details of shipping logistics, to ensure that everybody saves money and that the customers are happy.

Introducing Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Logistics is the industry's best proprietary technology that helps our retailers develop legitimate retail distribution strategies. By using Last Mile Logistics, retailers can achieve peak shelf performance and enhance their shipment processes to save money and time and to reach their organizational goals.

At the same time, we help logistics companies save money and optimize their shipments, so Last Mile Logistics is a win-win for all!

Our Goal is to Simplify the Complex

In e-Business, more than 1/3 of all customers choose to have their parcels delivered directly to their home addresses. This presents a real challenge for retailers and brings about a real need for a reliable retail distribution company with the logistics to move your parcels to the right address at the right time and on the first attempt.

First delivery failures are a problem for everyone involved in the transaction. They translate to additional costs for logistics companies, and it hurts the retailers because customers aren't getting their parcels when they are supposed to. Unhappy customers lead to refunds, lost customers, and angry retail managers who want to give an earful to the retail distribution company.

Consider the Problem Solved

Last Mile Logistics is an intelligent on-time delivery service that works by creating an interactive online dialogue between all of the parties involved in the transaction before the first delivery attempt occurs. How exactly does this intelligent delivery system work?

Your customers will have the option to choose or change both the time and the destination of their deliveries by using a simple one-click response. The solution enables logistics companies to improve their delivery efficiency. Naturally, customers will be happier when they receive their parcels at the right time and place, and naturally, retailers are happier when their customers are happy, which means happier distribution companies. In the end, everyone's happier, and everyone saves money.

Everybody Wins with Last Mile Logistics

With Last Mile Logistics, you will have more satisfied customers with more efficient and cost-effective logistics. How about your retailers? They will gain more business because they will have a reputation for getting their products to their customers when they're supposed to. Contact Last Mile Logistics today to learn how our solution can benefit your enterprise.

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