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Mike Hammer’s Local Moving is a local Shawnee father and son moving company. With over thirty years in business, we offer the perfect solution to move your furniture from point-to-point.

Why should you hire a professional mover?

Moving alone may seem like it saves money, but this is not always the case. There are hidden expenses. Boxes, tape, and protective padding all cost money.

Renting a truck and finding help provide additional hidden fees. The cost of a rental truck reaches as much as $20 per hour or more.

Professional movers bring everything you need for a successful move. Our experts offer packaging help, bring a truck, and do the work for you for as little as 25 cents per square foot or 50 cents per pound.

Do qualified professional movers provide peace of mind?

You collect your furniture throughout your lifetime. Precious heirlooms serve as important reminders of your life. You would not trust your assets to anyone.

Licensed professionals offer peace of mind. The Better Business Bureau accredits companies with an impeccable track record. Mike Hammer’s Local Moving is a bonded, licensed, and accredited company with over 20,000 satisfied customers.

Our movers have over 100,000 miles on the road in Shawnee and the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. We treat your furniture with care, using techniques built over decades in business. We help customers avoid damage to assets and property with an expert eye for detail. Fragile and large items require a greater level of care that we provide.

What is the cost of hiring a mover?

Movers cost between $200 and $2,000 for a residence. Businesses spend up to $10,000. This cost is much less than purchasing new furniture, appliances, or equipment.

A medium to large business stands to save greatly on cost by using a mover. This is especially true if electronics are involved as these items must be handled differently from other types of furniture. Computers cost up to $3000 with refrigerators running between $600 and $1200.

Am I able to get an accurate moving quote?

Many companies have hidden fees. Everything they can charge for, they do. They may offer a special only to charge for hidden fees.

At Mike Hammer’s Local Moving, we offer customers an up-front estimate of the cost of moving. Our consultants want to ensure that you know exactly what the cost will be. We provide a walk-through of the home or business, identifying furniture to move and items that require special attention or padding.

Should I purchase moving insurance?

While professionals help reduce risk, there are always instances when a third party or unforeseen event causes an issue. Insurance packages from Progressive or eMove provide an instant resolution.

What Local Shawnee Father and Son Moving Company can I Trust?

Mike Hammer’s Local Moving is a part of the greater Kansas City community. Our professionals work and live in the area. We intimately understand the area and expect our employees to carry the same image to our customers.

Get in touch with our consultants today to receive a full estimate of your moving costs. We are ready to help!

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